What folks are saying about working with physical therapist and Anat Baniel Method (ABM) practicioner Rene’ Manker, founder at Senses in Motion:

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“Working with Rene’ changed our lives. We went from having a two-and-a-half-year-old who screamed all the time, and drooled buckets, to one who stopped screaming, stopped drooling, and let us know he loved music when he began to hum Christmas carols. They told us he would never do anything. Now at age 11, he can walk with a walker, spell words, and speak in short sentences, read a little, and instigate mischief.”

Kara, Gavin’s mother

“Working with Rene’ has made what was beginning to feel impossible — getting Molly to roll over or crawl — possible. The therapy makes the tough gross motor movements Molly need to do fun and even pleasurable for her. She enjoys seeing Rene’, acts happy during therapy sessions, act empowered after each visit, and generally begins achieving new gross motor goals immediately after the therapy with Rene’.”

Kendra, Molly’s mother

“ABM [therapy with Rene’ Manker] is like a journey. It helps my son manage his autism. He is more grounded in the body, so that he is less impulsive and sensitive to the environment.”

Kerri, mother of a toddler with autism